CNC Milling and Machining in Nashville

Precision machining and tooling Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Quality you can see.
Precision you can count on.

Lathe machining up to 30″ x 16 feet.
Horizontal milling
C.N.C. precision mill x 36″ y 20″ z 15″ . 
We can quote from faxed prints,Cad drawings and pdf files.

4701 Tennessee Ave
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
(615) 292-4698
“We can help the team get the big job done”

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Our skilled machinists work with a variety of materials, performing services from general machine work, to precision tooling, in quantities from one to hundreds. We can meet your machining needs, from the smallest part, to a fully assembled product, to a working prototype machine.
We use a Shelfield Inspection Comparator that can check parts to within 50 millions of an inch.

CNC Milling